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Our Approach

At the Broberg Investment Group, you will be treated with respect and with a true desire to inform and advise you well. If you feel embarrassed by a question you have, then you came to the right place. We strongly believe there are no silly questions. We aim to minimize your uncertainty in the face of myriad choices and to answer your questions without complicating the issues. 

We also recognize that everyone is different. Some do not want all the details; they just want someone to handle things for them, at a reasonable cost. Others want it all: soup to nuts. 

In either case, we explain how things work in laymen's terms.  Almost as important, we leave no detail out, including what and how you are charged for our services.

We are clear about every aspect of our planning process, the financial solutions, and investment recommendations.

In the end, we want you to be free to enjoy life without financial worries.  Our goal is to build confidence in your ability to achieve your dreams and live how you have always imagined.

How do we help you build confidence in your financial future?

Here is a sampling:

  • Our investment philosophy is summed up in an abbreviated, algebraic formula. (No, you do not need to be a math whiz, nor are we attempting to sound like geeks!) 

                              The formula is: Q + T = S.  We explain what this means in our first meeting.  (To request a meeting, click here).

  • What about "uncertainty", which is also called “risk?" Great question!

    We have a tool that measures the amount of risk you are willing to take to achieve the amount of reward you seek.  It is completely objective and a visual experience.  There are no complicated, subjective questions to answer, and it takes less than five minutes to accurately assess your unique investment persona.

    This evaluation cuts to the chase and helps us allocate your resources appropriately. We do this so you can pay attention to your other pursuits, without nagging worry.

Now that's confidence inspiring!  Our whole approach makes for an enjoyable, long-term relationship.

Here's how you benefit from our services:

  1. Clear answers to your questions.
  2. A specific, even creative, plan based on your goals. And,
  3. An investment strategy that allows you to sleep at night.

What will you receive after we implement a plan?

You will receive consistent communication from us, either written, oral, or face-to-face. The frequency will be communicated during the implementation phase and based on your needs.

Your plan is not like some automatic machine that you start it and then forget about it. No, it's more like your physical health. It needs maintenance and attention from time to time and on a schedule.  Together, we decide the schedule that's best for you.